“ The world is as a book, and those who don’t travel it, read only one page of it.”


Alex Elpiadis

Authorized professional private tour guide in Athens, license number 06ΣΞ01868ΕΟ

Hi ! I would like to introduce myself, in brief.

My birthplace is Moscow, I was born in 1977 in a family of Greeks. In 1988 my family settled down in Greece, coming back to its historical homeland after the long time odyssey of my people.

I truly believe, that every Greek hides a part of Odyssey in them. In a similar way, like Odyssey became a citizen of the world, soaking in him impressions and touching all the countries he crossed on his way, I also feel that I belong to many cultures and each of them makes me feel internally rich.

Growing up in Greece, I became keen of watching people from all around the globe coming here to admire the amazing history of this country. I often asked myself: what exactly makes Greece so attractive? The landscape? The Culture? The History? All together, because when you travel around Greece, you touch an eternity. Here you never really know , where the Myth ends, and where the History begins!   So I just followed my heart, and became a professional tour guide

Here in Athens I finished school, and then the Faculty of Political Science of the Panteion University in Athens . In 1999 I acquired the State License to carry out excursions, in archaeological sites and in protected historical parks all around Greece. My License number is: 06ΣΞ01868ΕΟ.

I studied this profession for 3 years. Greece is the only country in the world, where tour guides courses last so long, because ( as it is obvious ) the history of this civilization counts already more than 4000 years! With that in mind, I consider myself more a tour guide, rather than simply a guide. You could ask me, what makes the difference? Well, guides become just anyone, while a tour guide provides you with reliable professional information and devotes his life for that. The excursions menu is on the right side

I wish you an exciting virtual journey all around Greece, using this site as a navigation tool.

Please feel free to contact me, if you have questions.